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Prato della Valle a Padova

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First of all, I wish to introduce myself. It is nice to meet you, my name is Mariaclaudia Crivellaro and I am a tourist guide of the city of Padova and the Venetian villas since 2012. I speak English and French, mainly.
If you have reached this page it is because you are organizing a guided tour to Padova, a city I believe is charming. My interests involve not only Padova, but also the Venetian villas, and all the area around Padova, including some beautiful walled towns such as Cittadella, Monselice, Este, Montagnana and the area north of Padova, a natural and cultural plain called Valle Agredo.
Have you already been in Padova, or in the Veneto Region? If so, you already know our highlights. It will be a pleasure to follow your inerests and the rhythms of your visit. Whereas, if it is your first time to the Veneto Region and if you want some advice, I can help you choose the right itinerary and tours.
I propose guided tours following the classic route, but also detours at the discovery of the most authentic cities. I like to walk and sometimes I speed up to reach the streets or squares not included in the path, or sometimes I sit down to savor some details or simply to observe everyday life.
I arrive in Padova daily, commuting since I was 14. I walk every day in the streets of the city to breathe its beauty, browsing through the gates of the palaces, savouring the charm and uniqueness of this city, full of young students and sometimes bulky monuments.

I live in the countryside.

I know my native land, the Saccisica, very well: I appreciate its traditions and the love for the land. There’s a place I love the most: that’s Villa Roberti in Brugine (south to Padova) and if you look at the website you will understand why >>>
I live north of Padova, in a rural destination called Valle Agredo (well, my town is Loreggia). Here, I love the industrial operosity and the landscapes along the canals.

With a group of fellows, I’ve founded Padova Gotica.

That’s a new way to visit Padova, following the novel by paduan famous writer Matteo Strukul, La Giostra dei Fiori Spezzati: our tours are historical-literary walks to Padova following gothic literature and atmosphere. My companions in adventure are the tourist guides Stefania Dantone and Paola Principato, with Alberto Botton writing Il Blog di Padova, actors Pietro Venuti and Sara Corsini, Laura Perrone features in the role of Erendira and Matteo Bernardi of SugarPulp. On our facebook page you will find photos and anecdotes of these unusual cultural paths.

I can accompany you in walking tours or cycling paths along the province of Padova, at the discovery of the walled cities, the Venetian villas or castles and bike paths such as the Treviso-Ostiglia.

If you want to know something more about my curriculum, education, and career go to Linkedin >>>

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